Looking for WebsitePanel API integration or customization service?

WebsitePanel is a highly popular multi-tenant enterprise hosting automation tool supporting private cloud servers. It offers centralized management system for your complete hosting infrastructure and enables resource-sharing across multiple user accounts. In short it is one-stop platform to control various management features related to your website and share the resources across multiple user. This administration and management interface designed for window based servers. It is license free and community based platform and hence very popular among the resellers, hosting providers and end clients. Some of its salient features are:

  • It reduces the time, resources and money spent on overall system management by providing a single management interface with simplified deployment and centralized administration processes.
  • It offers extended customizing properties by giving you a full control to modify the platform for meeting your specific needs and should you require you can easily take help from community members.
  • You don’t need to pay license fee or per account or instance fee as it is completely free to use. Hence you can use WebsitePanel without any constraints created by financial limitations or end of subscription. Most importantly it enables you to offer competitive pricing to your end clients.
  • Equipped with central management interface, WebsitePanel helps you to set up new services without juggling with complicated and tedious steps. It supports and easily integrates with a number of softwares. So you don’t need to change or modify your software to start using WebsitePanel.
  • Being a license-free yet highly effective software, WebsitePanel enables you to compete on a larger scale by providing economical yet effective services to your end clients.
  • Its extensive customization features helps you to remain relevant to your Niche Market by catering to their specific needs.
  • All the steps are simplified to a great level so even a less-experienced staff can easily work with it.
  • It enables you to focus your financial spending on the most relevant areas that directly affects your business.
  • You don’t need to engage the technical staff for controlling WebsitePanel as its simple interface can be effectively controlled without any specific technical knowledge. Hence the technical staff is relieved to pay their attention, time and effort son other technical jobs of high priority.
  • The centralized monitoring, evaluation, automating, managing and analyzing of various processes involved in furthering the client queries and tells you about the bottlenecks that are blocking the procedure thus reducing the overall response time and maintaining healthy customer relations.
  • It streamlines auditing thus ensuring compliance and increasing billing accuracy. It also helps you to avoid pitfalls in the process.
  • There are no licensing fees associated with WebsitePanel, making it the most cost-effective and comprehensive control panel solution available to service providers, both small and large.
  • The services that are deployed using WebsitePanel are auto-provisional ensuring the identical configuration and eradicating the common vulnerability to error during manual provisioning. The community-driven WebsitePanel frequently introduces new features to match the latest industry trends.
  • You can split up a single network into segregated one thus allowing the users to share resources without any security issues.
  • WebsitePanel allows you to transfer the management rights to your end clients by giving access to their own account in WebsitePanel. You can also create subaccounts for your resellers with limited access features covering only the ones relevant for them for a smooth functioning.
  • The automated usage reporting is an excellent feature of WebSitePanel that extremely simplifies the SaaS licensing.
  • In case you have a difficulty finding any support or are unable to solve an issue, you can take help of various highly-skilled experts and companies professionally equipped and technologically advanced enough to promptly solve your problems by providing an accurate solutions.

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