Looking for Softlayer API integration or customization service?

SoftLayer is a leading provider of high quality cloud infrastructure services from a large number of datacenters and network points across the globe. It offers high quality services and products related to web hosting. It provides bare metal servers, private cloud solutions,, virtual servers and many other infrastructure and networking services related to web hosting industry.

  • Flexibility and Control: By giving you a complete flexibility and guiding you through an extensive documentation I helps you to effectively arrange, control and manage servers or services as and when required.
  • Customization: Its flexibility also extends to the extensive customization and substitutions allowed to clients. A server client can customize up to 32 cores while cloud server clients can ramp up to 48GB of space. The storage can also be customized to the needs from 25GB to 250 GB, either local or San storage. In short one can create a virtual server with the specifications and volume exactly matching his needs. Ultimately it enables you to have an effective control of your budget and services.
  • Economical Networking Costs: The excellent networking between the data centers integrating multiple management networks allow the lower total networking costs and the cost advantage is then passed on to the end client by offering economical services.
  • Integration and Automation: All the devices and services of their cloud infrastructure service are meticulously integrated and automated to offer the best interruption-free services. It also gives a highly enhanced ownership to clients enabling them to effectively control every facet of their SoftLayer environment by using multiple platforms like Customer Portal, API or using the relevant apps.
  • Single platform for multiple services: Due to sharing a single proprietary management system across all networks and data centers allows the clients to view, manage and control every web hosting product and services like metal servers, storage device and virtual server at one place.