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SiteLock is a cloud-based comprehensive security for websites. It uses various effective tools and scans and various automated actions to protect your website from any kind of security problems and breaches including, but not necessarily limiting to email vulnerabilities, malware, viruses, etc. Once confirmed that the site is fully secured, it also presents the information for your online visitors too hence gaining their trust. Though useful for all kinds of websites it specifically and greatly benefits the sites with online transaction facilities, or the ones that ask for crucial information about the visitors. Following are the salient features of the Sitelock:

  • Effective search process for malware: Using an effective array of tools, and processes, your site is thoroughly scanned for security threats, malware and security breaches.
  • SMART: Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool is a highly sophisticated tool that not only detects the malware but also removes it out to offer a complete secured environment for your online visitors ensuing the complete safety.
  • Verifiable Trust Seal: To ensure to your visitor about the security of their transactions and important information, a Verifiable Trust seal is displayed. It assures your visitors that his security of your site has been thoroughly verified by the leading name in website security.
  • Reputation Management: Protects your website from being blacklisted on search engines the most detrimental things for your website. It also prevents your important communication from going into the spam folders of the recipients. For that it uses reputation management monitoring. Based on various effective parameters, the utility helps you a great way in reputation management.
  • Fix the security problems: If your website is facing any security problems then you can contact for heavily experienced and highly knowledgeable network engineer for the quick fix solution.
  • Effective Prevention: It offers a perfectly managed web app firewall. All the susceptible backdoor files are checked using a series of highly advanced processes with fool-proof structure. The identified backdoor files are immediately and effectively blocked giving the control back to the site owner. The trueShield web application Firewall effectively detects the vulnerabilities by using the highly reliable virtual patching technology with many effective tools to adequately patch the vulnerabilities. In short all the loose spots are adequately patched ensures that the website is completely secured and inaccessible by hackers or other unwanted sources and ensures 100% security.
  • SIteLock TruSpeed CDN Speed is one of the most important things that can deeply affect your visitors. No matter you build a state-of-the-art website with some highly impressive features and content, but if your website takes a long time in loading, it is very likely that the visitor will be annoyed and finally move to another website: Yes, it might be most like your competitor's website. To prevent that unwanted situation, Sitelock introduces SiteLock TruSpeed CDN (Content Delivery Network) ensuring that your website will be loaded at jet speed and each and every page loads almost instantly irrespective of browser, device or location of the visitor. On an average any website using TruSpeed CDN experiences 50% faster loading on all devices across different locations.
  • PCI Compliance
  • The business websites that accepts payments made through credit cards needs to comply with PCI requirements otherwise there are strict provisions of non-compliance fines. So the Sitelock introduces SiteLock PCI Compliance Programs the fastest way to meet the security requirements as per the guidelines. A simplified Self-Assessment Questionnaire is provided that effectively guides you through the process of becoming PCU compliant. Due to its simplified format, Plain English and proper guiding it cuts down the questions that you need to answer by up to 80%.