Looking for Plesk Panel API integration or customization service?

Plesk software package is a web hosting automation program allowing a server administrator with various utilities like setting up new websites, email accounts, reseller accounts, and DNS entries using a web based interface. Using Plesk, an administrator can create site and client templates to predetermine parameters for resource allocation for the domain and clients. The Plesk has different versions for Linux or Windows each supporting multiple platforms. Following are the salient features of Plesk:

  • Custom versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases: Plesk can install custom versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. It can also effectively manage the existing versions of MySQL and PostgreSQL.
  • Add-Ons for added functionality: To offer the maximum functionality to the clients Plesk offers several software packs. These packs are specifically designed and developed to offer full interaction with Plesk. Some of them include:
    1. Developer Pack
    2. WordPress Toolkit
    3. Control Suite for Windows
    4. Kaspersky Antivirus
    5. Security Core Complete by Atomicorp

Some of its Salient Features include:

  1. WordPress Management Tools: Using the managed WordPress services can be highly expensive and come with some restrictions limiting the functionality. Now using a powerful user friendly easy to operate dashboard you can manage and secure all of your WordPress installations. This mobile-friendly dashboard eliminates the need of any additional paid plugin or services.
  2. Effective Management of WordPress Theme and Plug-Ins: Plesk 12 offers you the flexibility to remove, add or update the plugins and themes for multiple WordPress installations without being required to logging in each account separately thus saving lots of your valuable time and efforts. It gives you the flexibility to either apply changes to individual WordPress installations or all of them depending upon the requirement.
  3. WordPress Security Scanning: You can easily evaluate the security position by scanning the WP sites and identifying the installations that are risk-prone along with the security measures required thus assuring you that each WordPress site on the server is secure.
  4. Easy steps for overall security: Now you can make all your WordPress Installations risk-free through an easy to use security scanner interface. The process does not require too much technical knowledge. You just need to select the desired items and click submit rest is done automatically without your involvement.
  5. The security status and version of every WordPress site is communicated on your server. A complete scanning of entire server eradicates the risk of any potential security threats.
  6. The Security Core in Plesk provides an effective shield to prevent server to site protection including both common attacks as well as dangerous malicious users.
  7. Prevent Unwanted Intrusion: There are many malicious users who would like to intrude and harm your website. But Using Fail2Ban, an excellent intrusion prevention system, the suspicious activity is easily and detected before any intrusion. The susceptible user is automatically blocked based on the restrictions as specified. No technical knowledge required.
  8. ModSecurity Using the powerful set of security rules developed at Atomicorp by industry experts all the common attacks are prevented and your site remains safe. This web application firewall is fully capable of providing shield against all the common attacks.
  9. ServerShield: Especially developed by the experts of Cloudfare, ServerShield not only help reducing the site loading time to minimum by providing jet speed, it also blocks spammers, Hackers and botnets attacks by using specifically designed program to check, identify and stop these unwanted activities.
  10. Plesk also safeguards your IP address from getting blacklisted by using its world class adjustable, outbound anti-spam functions.