After all none of us is as smart as all of US

We believe that coming together is just the beginning.
Keeping up pace with the world is progress. And working together creates the building blocks for success!

Our Team

Munesh Jadaun

CEO, Founder

ThemeChilly is a result of Munesh's passion and vision. He talks about growth, reports, targets and still manages to always have a smile on his face. Born and brought up in a middle-class Indian family, Munesh founded ThemeChilly at an early age of 20 after dropping out of his engineering course. If you thought he is one of those boring CEO types, you were wrong.

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Our Team

Barkha Singh

Business Intelligence Head

Barkha, the Business Intelligence head, manages organizational workflow, analyzes company's strategies and refines them. Strategic Consulting, including sales strategies, are her major expertise, and intelligent BI tools are her best friends. She is the bonding force of our team, who plans and regulates each and every step we take.

Our Team

Dakshesh Verma

Marketing Head

Leading the marketing division at ThemeChilly, Dakshesh likes working on ambitious projects to meet the organization's revenue goals. He devises innovative strategies that haven't been explored. When he is not working, he can be seen gaming, partying and going for long drives. Basically, a cool guy to hang out with!

Our Team
Our Team

Nitesh Bhargava

Designing Head

Enthusiastic and lively, the design team head, has an experience of over nine years in web designing. He specializes in generating most user-friendly and engaging designs. He spellbinds people with his designs. When he's not working, he's either driving to visit serene places or listening to loud music.

Our Team

Anurag Rathore

Client Relationship Manager

Anurag brings to the table his several years of experience as a developer. His clock doesn't go tick- tock but tech-tech. For any problem we might have at work, he can solve it at the backend with a code. He also provides a brilliant technical support to our clients.

Our Team
Our Team

Shweta Bhushan

Software Tester

Shweta, a techie girl, is a software tester at ThemeChilly. She makes sure that we deliver the best to our customer. Bugs are her enemies and she keeps a check that she kills them all. She also provides a brilliant support to our clients. In her free time, she likes reading books, writing poems, and traveling around.

Our Team

Girdhari Singh

SEO Head

Girdhari, a tech enthusiast, heads the SEO division of ThemeChilly. Having an expertise of over a decade, he has been instrumental in taking ThemeChilly's SEO to new heights. Always ready to share his knowledge, he is a great person to work with. In his free time, he loves playing cricket.

Our Team
Our Team

Jairam Jat


Jairam is a techie guy who takes care of all our front and back end builds, ensuring products of high quality. He's a meticulous coder, who knows all about the details. All he can breathe, eat and dream of is code. In his free time, he can be found playing with new web technologies, and is a big believer in writing beautiful code.

Our Team

Naresh Kumar

Web Designer

Naresh, a pixel perfectionist, is creative to the core. He has an eye for innovation and loves getting inspired by traveling, exploring and taking photographs. He is full of life and color, and that's what reflects in his designs.

Our Team