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Live Chat is a communication utility for your website that enables your visitors to communicate promptly with a support executives in the real time. It is highly useful for the websites that want to provide the complete support to their visitors during their very first visit instead of forming a series of communication. Apart from giving a real time support, it also saves much of the resources: Time, Money and Efforts that are unnecessarily spent on other communication methods like emails, phone calls etc. It also prompts the visitors to interact with your company for any queries rather than getting disappointed and shifting his attention to your competitors’ site. Some of its Salient Features are:

  • Overall reduction in contact center costs using Live Chat as compared those using other communication methods like: Telephone Calls, Emails etc.
  • It is much easier to convince a visitor while chatting one on one, rather than using an email as the chat process is a more personalized way of communication providing better interaction and comprehension
  • Unlike telephonic calls, a representative using Live Chat can handle multiple clients simultaneously thus saving a lot of time. It also eliminates the need to hire more employees in customer care department
  • The chat history can be stored for analytical purpose or for preparing periodical reports for evaluation.
  • The executive handling Live Chat can also be used for multi-tasking of various other online/offline activities of non-urgent nature like collecting potential client’s data, preparing various reports, etc.
  • LiveChat dramatically reduces the unnecessary follow-ups that are so common with mail communication, tickets, forms and other ways of communication. Most of the queries are solved on the spot within a fraction of the time consumed unnecessarily by emails, tickets etc.
  • Live Chat also offers a grading facility that evaluates your performance and guides you accordingly at the end of each chat session. It helps in improving the customer service quality of your support executives while at the same time help you to evaluate the staff’s performance.
  • Single click action real time response: Live chat enables your visitors to reach you with a single click on Chat button instead of checking and copying your mail id, writing a mail and waiting for a response or noting down your number, keep it saved in their mobile and then call you up, sometimes only to find that the relevant person is not around or have gone for a break.
  • Tickets: Though most of the cases are resolved on the spot, there might be few that could not be closed in the first attempt. For better handling of such unresolved cases there is a ticket utility that can be used to handle such cases efficiently.
  • Customization: The client can also customize the look of Live chat to include his brand logo and name for creating a unique brand awareness
  • Archived database with appropriate tags: Case-specific tags can be used for easily locating the related chats and tickets. It saves a lot of time by promptly getting you the required data instead of wasting unnecessary time in searching from the database.
  • File Sharing
  • This feature helps the website owners to share their files like images, excel sheets, PDF files etc. with the clients over the chat
  • Applications
  • A wide array of impressive applications are available to perfectly monitor the site and check the quality of chat with visitors.
  • Statistics
  • Various relevant statistics are generated to keep the clients aware of their chat quality, response generated and success rate.
  • Languages
  • To give you a greater flexibility LiveChat offers the facility to either use choose the required language from the set of existing ones or modify the language according to your liking

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