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Limestone Networks is a leading name in the field of IaaS providers, providing dedicated, cloud and enterprise or on-demand hosting services. Its advanced datacenter includes N+I and 2N redundancy, multi-layered security, premium bandwidth carriers with greater efficiency and precise HVAC cooling. It’s leading reseller program, robust client management portal with enhanced tools and commands for a better control and end-user panel have earned the organization a coveted position in the industry. All these features make it a preferred choice for many companies with specific needs. Some salient features of Limestone Network are:

  • Quick Hassle-Free Setup: The cloud servers can be provisioned in less than 5 minutes while 4 hours is the maximum time for full dedicated servers
  • Tools for enhanced functionality: Various tools are specifically designed and developed for a better functionality, control and extended features. And the common portal serves as a simple interface to all the tools thus making the whole process extremely easy.
  • Certified High-Quality Hardware: The certified hardware meets the highest quality standards. And the No-Hassle hardware replacement policy further fortifies the clients’ trust.
  • Multiple management options: To suit across multiple budgets and needs there are both per-ticket management and monthly plans to give the accurate software support as needed by a client.
  • Fortified DDoS protection: Up to 20 Gbps and 2 million packets per second: Yes that is the enhanced Enterprise DDoS Protection. For the smaller needs a basic protection is provided free of cost.
  • True Failover: To offer the maximum protection during the instances of failure the network hardware and cloud hypervisors have true rapid failover thus offering an ultimate uptime. Utmost reliability is ensured by use of the multiple Tier1 fiber carriers of topmost quality.
  • Completely protected power grid: Located on a protected power grid the advanced datacenter is specifically designed for mission critical operations.
  • Great Support: A prompt and accurate support for network and hardware issues reduces the waiting period and saves precious time of the clients. All the tickets are responded within 10 minutes.
  • Complete SSD storage: For a greater security and storage of relevant elements and data, the LSN cloud operates with cent percent SSD storage and clod servers are capable of a massive figure of 1Gbps each.
  • Better Monitoring: For a better management plan a 24X7 monitoring is offered with instant investigation on downtime.
  • High Availability: High availability is ensured by multiple security gateways while fortified fail-over mechanism further enhances the situation.