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GlobalSign issues core digital certificate solutions for enabling its customers to conduct SSL secured transactions, securely transfer data online identity protection and ensure secured email and access control and distribution of tamper proof code. Its portfolio includes single sign-on (SSO), access control, federation and delegation services for businesses to effectively create new business models new business models offering better interaction for customers and partners.

  • SSL: Combining Strength and Speed: The strongest encryption SHA-256 and a minimum of 2048 but RSA keys ensures a complete 100% security for your site. It also accelerates the loading speed by using IPV6.
  • Phishing Detection: Ongoing security services provided by GlobalSign SSL through their partnership with NetCraft notifies a client in time regarding any phishing attack on the site.
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable assistants: The dedicated specialists who are well aware of regional business and have a vast experience of working with relevant clients can perfectly guide the clients about best SSL certificates for their business.
  • Device compatibility: It is compatible with multiple devices and browsers thus further reducing the limitations.
  • Leading Certification Organization: With 13+ years history of being an EbTrust compliant organization GlobalSign is one of the leading original certification organization.
  • Multiple Servers: The same certificate can be installed on multiple servers without any extra cost. Both www and non www versions of the domain are secured by a single Global Sign certificate. Many features are included without any extra charges to save a significant amount and making the product more meaningful and feature rich .