Looking for cPanel API integration or customization service?

cPanel is a specialized and highly advanced platform that effectively simplifies the complete process of hosting a website by using the graphical interface and automating various complicated processes. In short it enables a client to manage various administration controls through a standard web browser. Due to its dynamic controls, simple graphical interface and easy-to-use simple steps and commands, cPanel is highly useful for and greatly popular with administrators, resellers and end-user website owners. It uses a 3-tier structure that provides capabilities for end users, resellers and administrators to use various aspects of website and server administration through standard web browser.

cPanel also provides front-ends to control a number of common operations including, but not limiting to:

  1. Crontab tasks
  2. Mail and FTP accounts
  3. Mailing lists
  4. Management of PGP keys

cPanel also provides some valuable add-ons for an extended functionality. They also include Auto Installers like:

  1. Installation for facilitating Auto Installation
  2. Fantsatioco
  3. Softaculous

AustoInstallers automate the installation and update of web applications like phpBB, WordPress, SMF, GeekLog, WHMCS, Moodle, etc. using a bundle of scripts.

WHM or Web Host Manager is a tool used to manage hosting accounts on a web servers. This web-based tool can be used by server administrators and reseller according to their specific needs. It is accessible by both root administrator and resellers but reseller users have limited access and smaller set of features than the root user. The server administrator can perform various operations to manage, monitor and control various maintenance operations like installing Perl Modules, upgrade RPMs installed on the system and upgrade and recompile Apache and PHP.