Looking for Cacti API integration or customization service?

Cacti is a graphing and web-based network monitoring tool designed as a front-end application for RRDtool, a industry-standard data logging tool. In short it can be called a complete front-end tool to RRDTool storing all the relevant information for creating and populating graphs using MySQL database. It is used to gather and graph time-series data of metrics such as network bandwidth utilization, CPU load etc.originally developed to offer more ease of use than RRD Tool and more flexibility than MRTG. Allowing a user to poll at predetermined intervals, Cacti gathers the resulting data and presents as a graph. It is commonly used for monitoring the network traffic by polling a network switch/router interface via SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). Multiple users can be handled by the front end with their own graph sets and is a utility used by Web Hosting Providers to display bandwidth statistics for their customers. The main features of cacti are:

  • Unlimited Graph Items for a greater comparison
  • Austo-Pading support for graphs for an easier and appropriate format
  • Data Gathering on a non-standard time span
  • Extensive Graph and Data manipulation to suit specific analytical needs
  • Readymade Graph Templates
  • Built-in SNMP support
  • Multiple views of graph data: tree, list and previews
  • Custom scripts for gathering data based on the specific requirement
  • Flexible data sources enabling greater customization
  • A greater control over distributing the features by allowing User-Based management and security
  • A good number of host templates