Top HTML5 Cloud Hosting Template for October 2015

Anyone having even distant connection with technology would know that cloud is going to rule the IT world. This is true for web hosting industry too, where most new web hosting providers have started giving much more weightage to their cloud hosting packages as compared to other traditional hosting plans. Even the old players are fast switching to cloud hosting.

However, when we look at the cloud hosting websites, we find that in spite of switching to cloud hosting specific website design, many people are still using the websites with the “general” look. The website that you use should be well designed to offer a unique cloud-specific look in order to attract the instant attention of potential clients of cloud industry.

Here is a cloud hosting theme that intelligently combines all the components that gives it a unique cloud-focused look thus making the website more appealing to the eyes: “Hybrid Cloud HTML Theme”.

Based on its features we can justifiably call it Top Cloud Hosting Template 2015.

Hybrid Cloud


Color Scheme

The very first thing that our eyes encounters as soon as we open a website is the visual design. It might not be a surprise, then, that the very first look helps visitors to instantly decide if they should go ahead with your website. Or in short the first look gives the overview of your website.

This HTML template for cloud hosting providers has a unique cloud focused look and the best thing is that all the design elements and visual aspects are perfectly blended to give it a cloud-focused approach. A predominant use of industry-relevant colors like white and soft-blue gives it a unique look that will appeal to visitors looking for cloud focused services.

Besides, the strategic use of bold colors works like an eye-magnet preventing the eyes from fumbling through the content. The second fold of the website comprises of various cloud focused details/services provided by your company. The well aligned images and intelligent use of transparent color that fits well with the color scheme offers certain agreeable, luxurious appeal. So in short this Cloud hosting html theme uses the color scheme that not only gives it a cloud focused approach but also highlights the saleable portions in bold yet agreeable colors.


The cloud hosting template is perfectly designed using the best visual elements that are not only well designed but well positioned too and yes, with a unique elegant approach. Its well-designed elegant menus appear at the top portion of the first fold: a spot that is particularly favored by eyes.

The menu bar comprises various pro-industry solutions, services and options that are of special interest to potential clients of cloud hosting services. The well placed tag line in the first fold helps you to present your signature identity in your very first encounter with the visitors’ eyes.

For visitors with least time on hand, there are contact forms/communication options given in certain menus so that the visitor should fill information to be contacted later. This cloud theme also gives you a well-structured layout to present the content that builds the visitors’ trust and helps in increasing conversions.

There is an appropriate infrastructure to present your timeline history while the space for content like blogs and whitepapers helps you to present your scope of knowledge in a well-structured format. The theme also allows you to present latest happenings, awards won and your esteemed partners, thus clearing the haze about you.

What’s more, the template also provides you to show the recorded and upcoming webinars for securing that much-needed extra attention from the online visitors. The design offers multiple versions and animation effects further catching the fancy of your visitors’ eye.


This HTML theme for cloud providers also offers several features making the theme equally agreeable to the users of different devices and browsers. For mobile users, the theme has a responsive layout that auto-adjusts your website to give that “Wow” look across different devices and screen sizes.

Not only the dimensions are adjusted, the resolution is also auto-set to present retina-ready, eye-caressing experience. Its Google fonts further ensures the uniform legibility across different screens and resolutions. That means the mobile users will not be turned off by your site’s look-through-microscope text.

Besides the home page slider will also make your website a favorite of touch screen users, thanks to the touch enabled features it comes with. This HTML hosting template perfectly meets the SEO standards for website designs thus giving you an extra push to the upper ranks of major search engines.

The theme can load instantly and uniformly on multiple browsers without compromising with the visitor’s experience. Its simple browsing structure lacking any unnecessarily long-winded paths makes it the best theme for busy online visitors.

Quick Features Overview
• Responsive layout
• Contact form
• Home page slider
• Attractive hover effects
• Elegant menus
• Unique Color
• Animation effects

In short, this HTML5 cloud hosting theme is arguably the Top HTML5 Cloud Hosting Template 2015 has to offer based on the design, navigation and usability. Choose it if you want to present your cloud-focused approach to the world.