Top 5 WHMCS Addons Of 2015

In addition to having a basic website, businesses on internet- especially web hosting and cloud, need various functionalities integrated in their websites for management and automation of various tasks, which are keys to their success.

WHMCS Addons provide such functionalities which are specifically developed to support online business in its seamless growth.One can easily manage manual handling of various tasks, partner activities, revenue forecasts, renewals and also referral activities.

We have come up with an overview of top 5 WHMCS Addons of 2015, beneficial for your online business. Read and benefit:

1. WHMCS Manual Delivery Addon

The only solution to effectively manage your growing business is to automate some of the time consuming manual tasks. For e.g. final delivery of a product/service to its destination involves dedicated efforts of multiple departments in a company-sales, marketing, billing or product development which sometimes become difficult to monitor and manage in the long run.

Manual delivery addon is a valuable tool, especially developed to help you to analyze, manage and appraise the work flow of different departments, in a single go.

How this WHMCS manual delivery addon is helpful?

Outlining only the most important points here:

• You can assign jobs/ tasks to different departments.

• You can track the status/ record of the tasks assigned to departments.

• Identify the problems in the work flow of departments.

• Keep track of the current status of the recurring product or service.

• Easily get the complete statistics of a product/service.

Thus, with this manual delivery WHMCS addon, save time and optimize the delivery of your packages.

2. WHMCS Partner Management Addon

Regardless of the industry in which your business operates, having an ally on your side in the form of a partner benefits your business, gives you a competitive advantage and an opportunity to access a broader range of resources and expertise.

Partner management addon is an exclusively designed tool to help you in managing your partners, which you can do from within the WHMCS panel itself. Also, this partner program in WHMCS saves your money and efforts invested in the management of different softwares.

This partner management addon enables you to:

• Determine incremental discount slabs and modify the same when needed.

• Decide discount calculation structure (fixed or percentage) and save yourself from the hassles of calculating different discounts.

• Keep track of the activities of partners with the help of activity logs generated.

3. WHMCS Refer-A-friend Addon

Your customers are a sales force in themselves.They can help you in building a large customer base by referring their friends and acquaintances to your business.

Refer-A-Friend Addon is a functionality which helps you to manage your business’s referral system, systematically and easily. With this WHMCS referral addon you can:

• Save large customer base through registration details.

• Manage referral data and activities from WHMCS panel.

• Set commissions and discounts for the referees and referrals.

• Also set calculation structure and method for the discounts and commissions for the same.

• Monitor the performance of referees.

4. WHMCS Advanced Ticket Escalation Addon

Can you afford to lose a customer because you are unable to review support tickets raised by them on time? Of course not!

To enable quick and systematic management of support tickets, ThemeChilly provides Advanced Ticket Escalation Addon.

This WHMCS ticket management addon enables you to:

• Assign an administrator to manage specific tickets on the basis of the rules set.

• Set different kinds of ticket escalation rules for auto management of specific tickets.

• Add/edit the set rules according to product groups, no. of client replies, no. of tickets and no. of issue types.

• Monitor the tickets generated by the customers so that you can take fast action on those tickets.

• Save time spent on dealing with tickets and build customer trust by offering quick solution to their problems.

5. WHMCS Revenue Forecast and Renewal Addon

Revenue is the life-blood of any business/company and its forecasting allows you to plan your business and future activities for its expansion.

Knowing this very fact, ThemeChilly has incepted Revenue Forecast and Renewal Addon which enables you to cleverly visualize the revenue trends based on latest orders and services due for renewal.

With this WHMCS addon, you can set filters to:

• Forecast revenue based upon the price-range of the services due for renewal.

• Perform renewal revenue forecasting for a specific product/service by selecting it from the established product groups.

• Select status of the service- whether active, pending, suspended or cancelled and view the revenue that will be generated from them.

• Set the billing cycle of the products- monthly, quarterly, annually etc. and view the revenue generated from products within that particular billing cycle.

• Fetch information to view quick follow-up that has been done for a specific product/service.


Thus all the above mentioned addons are very useful tools, using which you can expand your business to next level.

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