Top 5 Reasons To Use WHMCS VTiger Bridge Addon For Web Hosting Providers

WHMCS VTiger Bridge addon is a powerful CRM add-on for WHMCS clients that integrates various VTiger CRM functionalities in WHMCS Panel. To put it simply, by installing this WHMCS addon, you can manage all CRM activities through a single panel only (i.e. WHMCS) without having to switch to a separate CRM management panel.


Let us see some advantages of WHMCS VTiger add-on:

Time Saving

For WHMCS clients, using a separate software for CRM (as WHMCS does not have built-in CRM) requires switching between two different panels for the same accounts. Understandably, this nearly doubles the entire processing time. For example, if you have to perform the billing related activities you need to login to WHMCS but for performing CRM activities you would have to switch to your CRM account (like VTiger), to copy the required data and perform the CRM activities.

Collectively and repetitively, this unnecessarily adds to the overall working time reducing a major part of productive time. That means WHMCS VTiger Bridge addon reduces overall time in daily activities of clerical (read unproductive!) nature.


Automatic Lead Creation

With WHMCS VTiger Bridge addon, the client can instantly convert the generated ticket into a sales lead just by using a simple, single click process. Now if we compare the time taken by the complete clerical task structure for re-entering the entire data of a generated ticket in two different formats that’s relevant to CRM activities (that might require several switches between two different panels) and using a WHMCS VTiger’s revolutionary single click step to instantly convert a ticket into a sales lead, that is indeed a huge chunk of time saved. 🙂

So it saves your workforce from dreadful clerical activity of switching between two different panels for copying the data of each ticket and re-entering the same in a different format.

Easy Lead Assignment

Once a ticket is raised, it needs to be converted into sales lead and assigned to a sales executive to manage the complete lifecycle of the same. WHMCS VTiger can instantly sync all the WHMCS users to VTiger CRM. So the entire activity requiring creating a separate user account for each of their client managers for every new ticket entering all the required details, is effectively compressed into a simple clickable step.

Hence all the hassles related to creating a new account (time taken, complications, clerical tasks and possibilities of errors) are perfectly resolved by the advanced functionality of WHMCS VTiger Bridge add-on as syncing the WHMCS users and VTiger clients is just a click away.


Increased Accuracy

The WHMCS VTiger Bridge addon is equipped with powerful automation functionality that compresses each clerical and manual process of entering the data, changing the format, creating new accounts, etc. into a few steps requiring several clicks and minimum data entry. As we know, much of the accuracy suffers because of excessive and repetitive manual data entry. One can make a mistake while manually creating a new account repetitively or while changing a ticket into sales lead. But many of such manual data entry tasks are extremely simplified by WHMCS VTiger Bridge addon into a few clicks. Thus it ensures a considerably high level of accuracy.


Client Summary Page

Sifting through a multitude of sales leads to ascertain the preference level depending upon the possible revenue they can bring in is a humongous task. The WHMCS VTiger Bridge addon offers a perfect solution by its client summary page. The client summary page shows the 5 best sales leads in terms of sales revenue so that you can focus a good part of your attention to the leads that really matter the most to your business.

It also shows the 5 best opportunities. By having a direct view of top 5 leads and opportunities in a single pane and presented in desired format, it becomes a lot easier for you to direct your attention to the right direction. It also keeps you updated with the current sales leads the company is attracting and thus can indirectly help you to adopt the best strategies depending upon the kind of top leads you are getting.


Based on the above, we can say that WHMCS VTiger Bridge addon is an advanced, sophisticated CRM addon for web hosting providers and it is undoubtedly recommendable for WHMCS clients who want to bridge WHMCS and VTiger, perfectly syncing the data of both softwares.