Top 5 Reasons To Use WHMCS Revenue Forecast and Renewal Addon For Web Hosting Providers

Revenue plays a major role in any business. In fact, it is the foundation upon which the sales strategies, business decisions and managerial operations are based. Web hosting industry is not an exception.

Because of the highly competitive nature of this industry, web hosting providers not only need to be updated with their current revenue but also the future revenue projection, taking into consideration several strong factors like number of accounts, their current status, pending renewals, etc. so as to design their future strategies. Revenue forecasting plays an important role in any business.

As a subscription based industry, it also requires updates on future renewal potential and follow-ups required.

WHMCS Revenue Forecast and Renewal Addon: A Perfect Solution

WHMCS Revenue forecast and Renewal Addon from ThemeChilly is a powerful tool that helps you to obtain the accurate revenue forecast in WHMCS panel and also helps you in follow-up management.

Let us check the five main reasons for choosing Revenue forecast and Renewal Addon as your revenue forecasting friend:

Forecasting Accuracy

WHMCS Revenue Forecast and Renewal Management Addon is equipped with powerful functionalities to effectively function upon various aspects of varying nature like account status: activated/deactivated/suspended etc. billing cycles, sales trends etc.

It most accurately calculates their wholesome effect on the company’s revenue, divides the effect in several different periods and presents the data in the most relevant, comprehensible visual format.

The statistics based on such definite structure presents accurate data, exact revenue status and overall a clear picture of the company’s sales potential in the selected future period.
Hence, it helps you to take well-informed decisions for adopting best sales methodologies that are in line with company’s achievable potential for a particular time period.

Reduced Client Attrition with Follow-up Management

Client attrition is one of the major setbacks for company’s revenue and following up such clients is not an easy task. One needs to sift through all the user accounts, check the ones for pending renewals and then further filter to ascertain the priority level based on potential. But by using the advanced structure of this addon, follow-up management becomes very easy.
This sophisticated addon shows you the entire database of such discontinued accounts with respective sales potentials.
For example, if a client opted for a high-valued subscription pack but did not continue after the period was over, that can be a major revenue setback for your company. By using Revenue forecast and Renewal Addon, you can get an instant view of such discontinued accounts, structure your follow-up management strategy and prioritize your plan according to potentials.

In this way, this addon helps you to adopt well-structured follow-up management and subsequently increase the overall sales.

Current Trend Identification

WHMCS Revenue forecast and Renewal Addon offers advanced, automated methodology to identify the current sales trend and present it in a comprehensive visual format.

By knowing the accurate sales trends you can stay updated with any changes and their financial implications on the company. One can also take effective steps and initiate or induce the best practices that are in line with the current trends.

Intelligent Filtering Options

Any revenue forecasting depends upon several factors and you might need to check the revenue potential from different aspects individually, related to billing, status and follow-up management. Instantly filter data according to product group, follow-up stage, billing cycle, service amount range and account status.

Revenue forecast and Renewal Addon’s advanced filtering options offer you the precise options to segregate the data according to a single decisive factor thus focusing your view to the required depth.

Saving The Resources

One of the major benefits of using Revenue forecast and Renewal Addon is that the complicated procedure demanding humongous tasks of calculation, collection, assimilation and categorization of supporting data, identifying trends, accuracy checking, data-filtering etc. requiring a span of several days, is compressed into few simple steps with majorly automated and accurate results.

WHMCS Revenue forecast and Renewal Addon helps you to instantly obtain the required data without going through the complicated, clerical tasks that consume a lot of time and attention of the staff.

Thus it saves much resources and presents accurate data to take decisions based on wholesome data.

In short, we can say that WHMCS Revenue forecast and Renewal Addon is a powerful fully-automated, advanced tool for forecasting the revenue. Its USP is extreme automation, uncomplicated structure, advanced functionalities, intelligent filtering, relevant views, sales trends identification and follow up management.