Top 5 Reasons To Use Partner Management Addon For Web Hosting Providers

Partner programs are one of the best ways to widen your sales reach and transcend the limitations: geographical, cultural or any other kinds. Many industries are immensely benefitting out of partner programs and web hosting industry is not an exception.

Thanks to these partner programs, even an India based web host can offer hosting services to US clients without hiring any dedicated US based sales executive. Apart from relieving you from overheads, partner programs also help you to pay only if revenue is gained.

However, as the number of partners increases, it becomes more complicated to manage them effectively and evaluate their performance. So, for managing partners, one needs an automated functionality to start the partner program, monitor and manage partner activities and finally review their performance.

WHMCS Partner Management Addon is a perfect solution for WHMCS clients to effectively initiate, monitor, manage and analyze the entire lifecycle of partner program in WHMCS panel. It has many features and benefits here we are discussing 5 reasons to choose this addon:

Add & remove products to be sold by a partner as per the needs

One of the initial steps while initiating a partner program is to select the products that you want to include in partner program. You might want to include only few selected products in the initial stage of the program. For example, you might want to give an extra push to the newly launched product by including it in partner program. You would also require certain flexibility to exclude it once the set targets are achieved.

Partner Management add-on perfectly caters to your above needs. Using its advanced, easy to use functionality options, you can select those particular products that you may wish to include in partner program. This addon also gives you the extreme flexibility to manipulate the number, types and categories of products you want to exclude or include further in the partner program in later stages.

For example, you just introduced product A and want it to reach a sales target of say $ 1 million by the end of 1 year but the target was achieved within 9 months. Using this addon you can easily take the product out of the program and save on partners’ commission.

Set commission and discount for partner & his clients

This WHMCS addon also offers you flexibility to create, modify, reduce or increase the discount or commission. What’s more! You can also control the way the commission/discount is calculated, i.e., you can decide whether the calculation will be done in percentage or fixed amount.

For example, going by your strategy design, you started out with a discount of $5 for product A. And you want to calculate the commission at 10%. You can easily go to the Partner Management add-on, select product A and using easy steps, instruct that commission is to be calculated in percentage (10%). Likewise you can select the fixed calculation method for discount and set it at $5.

Discount and Commission need to be set only once and each time the set amount or percentage is automatically deducted/distributed from the account. That means you just have to give standing instructions once and the rest is done on a regular basis, without any manual intervention.

Evaluate partner performance

The success of any partner program completely depends upon the overall performance of the partners. So, it is very important to constantly monitor the partners’ performance and take necessary actions.

This sophisticated addon to manage partner program for WHMCS clients is fully loaded with high end functionalities using which you can effectively monitor each stage of the partner program life-cycle and take prompt actions to suitably guide the partners for better performance.

Its advanced features also allows you to check the performance of an individual partner using certain specified criteria. Hence, you can not only guide the partner suitably according to his performance but also contact him in a more interactive way that will further strengthen your relations.

Intelligently filter and check ROI with different parameters

There are multiple aspects of any partner program and you might need to check the overall ROI of a partner program by looking at it from different aspects.

For example, you might need to compare the previous year’s performance with current year. So using the period filter, you can compare the overall performance of last year with the current year. Likewise, if you would like to check the overall performance of a particular partner since his joining, you can filter your search using partner ID.

This advanced feature helps you a great deal in knowing the effect of your partner program from different perspectives and design your periodical strategies accordingly. It will also help you to get further acquainted with the weak and strong points of your partner program and take suitable action to give it the best shape.

Effectively manage partner requests

The addon also provides sophisticated options to see the current status of partner requests, filter the view further by using advanced filtering options and respond to the queries accordingly. What’s more, you can also set different discount details for each product for a single partner.

For example, you checked the list of all pending partner requests and select few partners that seem promising. Now you can decide the number and type of products they will be able to sell as a partner. Also, you can set different discount for different product.

Further adding to your ease, the addon also offers a single click view of top 20 partners. So you don’t have to juggle between multiple steps to filter the data and decide the top partner. You just need to click at Top 20 Partners and the addon will instantly show them filtered by their performance.

So with all the above mentioned features, it will not be an exaggeration to call this WHMCS partner program addon a complete, full-featured, highly sophisticated partner management addon for web hosting providers to effectively manage various stages of partner management in WHMCS panel.