Top 4 Reasons To Use WHMCS Softlayer Addon For Managing Dedicated Servers From WHMCS

WHMCS is the most widely used web hosting billing utility because of its multiple features, including easy user interface and advanced panel. However, it does not have server management functionalities. So, the WHMCS clients who offer SoftLayer Dedicated servers have to juggle between SoftLayer panel and WHMCS panel for every single type of product. Thus, it becomes difficult to manage dedicated SoftLayer server for WHMCS clients.

WHMCS SoftLayer addon is a powerful addon extending the usability of WHMCS panel. It perfectly integrates a SoftLayer section in WHMCS panel, from where the WHMCS client can perform all the server related activities without needing to switch to SoftLayer Panel.

There are many reasons to use WHMCS SoftLayer Addon, we are presenting 4 most important of them here:

Stress-Free Management

Generally WHMCS clients selling SoftLayer dedicated servers need to login to WHMCS panel for managing billing related activities while for SoftLayer client related activities they need to login separately to Softlayer panel. Frequently switching between two distinctly different panels with different environments is very stressful and can easily distract the attention, thus unnecessarily disturbing the entire flow of activities. Multiple switches between two different panels, multiple logins for managing single task and repeated entries for single product or activity also consume a lot of time thus unnecessarily augmenting the time required for various activities. Moreover these avoidable, unproductive steps waste a large chunk of employees’ duty hours

However, WHMCS SoftLayer addon eliminates the need to switch to SoftLayer Panel as all the server related activities can be performed from within WHMCS panel only. Thus, by using SoftLayer addon, WHMCS clients can enjoy a single panel hassle-free management of all client accounts.

Better Financial Management

As with any subscription based service, services of SoftLayer dedicated servers need periodical payments to avoid discontinuation. So one of the major problems that web hosts face is tracking the defaulters and taking necessary action, an activity that largely depends upon individual monitoring and manual actions.

The web hosts not only need to keep a close tab on recurring subscriptions but also have to take different actions depending upon the relations with individual clients. For example, if a new client does not pay subscription amount for next month, his services can immediately be stopped but if a client has been using your services for many years and you have very good relations with him, you need to give him an adequate grace period in the same scenario as immediate service termination can result in client defection.

SoftLayer addon not only offers a complete monitoring feature with timely reports of defaulters but also automates the suspension functionality for defaulters. That simply means that you don’t have to track or monitor the individual clients and discontinue services for defaulters. The addon automatically recognizes the defaulters and suspend the services once the payments get overdue.

Moreover, you can also customize the suspension criteria like immediate suspension or set a particular grace period. Because of this functionality the add-on plays an important role in providing better financial management.

Setting Administration Access for the end clients

Another issue faced by WHMCS clients is enabling end clients for performing relevant server related functionalities. In absence of the same, the clients become completely dependent on them even for common functionalities, thus unnecessarily consuming a huge organizational bandwidth.

The WHMCS SoftLayer module perfectly solves the above issue by offering the functionality to set permission for end clients to perform multiple server related functionalities in their own panel. There are many activities that the end clients can perform in his panel upon giving the accessibility rights like activating/deactivating, checking Bandwidth, suspension rebooting etc. Thus giving the relevant accessibility to end clients the WHMCS clients can get rid of unnecessary server-related actions they require to perform for their end clients.

Activity Tracking

In order to ensure the privacy and check any suspected activity, the WHMCS client needs to track various activities and take necessary action if required. Accuracy and regularity is the key here as a small loophole can pose a big risk.

For that purpose, WHMCS SoftLayer Addon offers relevant activity logs that show various activities and changes made. It is equipped with advanced filtering criteria to see only the most relevant logs like particular server ID, admin ID or a particular date range.

Thus, from above points, it’s clear that SoftLayer addon can help WHMCS clients to manage their dedicated SoftLayer servers more efficiently using a single WHMCS panel.

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