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30 07, 2015

5 Benefits of IaaS

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5 Benefits of IaaS IaaS or Infrastructure as a cloud is a model where the required infrastructure (or resources) for cloud computing are rented instead of purchasing. The server, hard disc, RAM, operating platforms and other resources belong to the third party that is rented to the clients who is charged according to the usage. [...]

24 07, 2015

5 Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

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5 Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Cloud Hosting is the services provided via multiple servers that are interconnected and this loose network of multiple servers is known as cloud. In cloud hosting the resources of multiple servers are used as and when required depending upon the need. By transferring large amount of computing powers to internet [...]

10 07, 2015

Cloud Hosting for Beginners

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Cloud Hosting for Beginners Cloud hosting is the buzzword of hosting industry today, if you are from the industry, it is very likely that you will come across this term umpteenth times in a day. But what exactly is cloud hosting and what makes it so popular? Let us try to find the answer. Cloud [...]