Earn Good Money With ThemeChilly’s Affiliate Program

Recommendations and word of mouth marketing still contribute a major chunk in any business/company’s publicity. We always prefer taking reviews about a particular product before buying it, service-before utilizing it and a movie-before making a plan to watch it; atleast I make very sure of the movie reviews before booking the tickets, hence no 1st day 1ST  show option for me 🙂

Most of you shall agree with me that rather experimenting, it’s better to take the reviews and then go for buying a particular product/service. Similarly, you can also recommend the services/products that you are happy to use and moreover the Affiliate Partnership Programs pay you colossal commission amount for this recommendation and referring 🙂


ThemeChilly Affiliate Program

What is an Affiliate Program?

I know most of you must be well acquainted with “what is an affiliate program?” and “how to go about with affiliate partnership programs?” But for those who need a slight idea about it, let ‘me explain it briefly here.

An affiliate program is a system where a person refers another person to use a particular service and in turn gets paid a certain amount by the company/organization/business who owns that service.

This is the beauty of affiliate program – one can make good money while virtually putting zero efforts. This is how pretty much every affiliate program runs.


How can you make money via ThemeChilly Affiliate Program?

You recommend ThemeChilly’s distinct themes to someone who can buy it, and when he buys it, you get paid a decent amount from us. This ‘someone’ can be anyone – your friend, a colleague, someone who visits your website, someone who reads your blog write-ups frequently –basically anyone who is in need of and is likely to purchase our themes.


Get your custom URL, share it with your friends.

When you become ThemeChilly’s affiliate, we provide you with a URL that is unique and contains your affiliate ID. Whenever someone clicks on this URL and makes a purchase, our automated system will transfer your commission into your account and also notify you. You can share this URL anyway you want:

  • Share your URL with friends on social media.
  • Know someone who wants to buy themes, mail him your link and ask to make a purchase by clicking on it.
  • Put our affiliate banners on your blog/website. Refer us to all your visitors and increase chances of conversion.
  • Write blog posts on WordPress themes, HTML themes, WHMCS templates and embed your URL on relevant keywords.


How much money can you make?

Unlimited. While earning money via our affiliate program requires no effort, the more effort you put, the more money you make. Every theme that gets sold via your affiliate URL yields a good commission of 25% of that particular sale. Also, you need not worry about the tracking of customers that you refer, how many of them made a purchase, what is your commission, when/how the commission will get transferred to your bank account etc. as all that is taken care of by an AUTOMATED SYSTEM 🙂


You’ve a dedicated account manager who’ll guide you through every step

That’s me 🙂  In my capacity as a dedicated account manager, I’ll help you out with tips and tricks on how to make maximum money from your affiliate account. All you have to do is signup, and me and my affiliate team will guide you and take care of every step along the way.


How to join ThemeChilly’s Affiliate Program?

Just 1-click on the JOIN NOW button on https://www.themechilly.com/affiliates.php and you get associated with us as a premium affiliate partner. From here, we’ll guide you with the affiliate journey by providing various tips & tricks to make big money, helping you with the affiliate program related queries from time to time.


If you have any queries, please feel free to reach out to us at sales@themechilly.com and we’ll get back to you asap