Best WordPress Hosting Themes

WordPress is a versatile open source CMS (Content Management System) that offers the maximum flexibility and ease of use. WordPress themes are extremely easy to customize using simple graphic interface. Various plugins further extend the functionality.These themes are SEO friendly and can support various media files perfectly.

ThemeChilly has been a leading provider of WordPress themes for about a decade now. All our WordPress themes are focused on web hosting providers and perfectly combine various features to cater to their specific needs.

Here is a list of some of the our best WordPress hosting themes:

Wowhost V2 WordPress Hosting Theme


If you are looking for a theme that is simple to use, professional in approach and offers great functionality then Wowhost is the theme for you! This professional theme offers a powerful online presence with its minimal design, easy navigation menu and SEO optimized infrastructure.The responsive design can get along well with multiple browsers.

The theme comprises of many other utilities like contact forms, WHMCS order form templates domain search integration and PSD files. The theme is available in 3 different colors to choose from.

HostChilly V3 WordPress Theme + WHMCS order form templates

HostChilly V3

If you know the importance of visual appeal for a greater impact and want to use it for your website then HostChilly V3 is the best theme for you. HostiChilly V3 is another theme with great visual effect and perfect professional appeal. Based on the latest WordPress technology the theme is completely focused on offering best user experience for the maximum impact.

The theme advances ahead of being just responsive, it also has certain features that will enable the touchscreen users like Touch enabled Home Page slider. This multi-browser compatible theme also takes out the hassles of customization with an extremely easy steps with graphical interface, no need of any technical knowledge. It comes with WHMCS order form templates, contact form PSD files and a Multiplan VPS slider. This elegant theme is available in 3 different colors.

NYoo Responsive WordPress theme


NYoo is a WordPress theme perfectly suitable for the vast number of hosting and domain providers. It’s neat and uncomplicated looks are perfectly complimented by various strategically designed and positioned icons, hover effects, well-chosen color scheme and appropriate layout. This minimal theme uses various design elements to perfectly guide the viewer’s eyes without complicating the look.

The theme contains templates for WHMCS order forms for better functionality. It also has free hosting icons, testimonials spotlight, google web fonts, social icons, content rich pages and well- organized homepage PSD files. The theme is available in 3 different colors to choose from.

Amazing Web Hosting WordPress Themes


Amazing is a Cross Browser theme with a perfect design specifically designed to cater to web hosting providers. The theme offers uniform visual experience across various screens and devices while the latest technology helps it to load at a jet speed. The multi-browser compatible file comes with attractive hover effects, client’s testimonials page and much more. Extensive documentation and PSD files help you to get acquainted with the settings. It is available in 3 colors.

HostMagnet SEO optimized WordPress Theme

Host Magnet

HostMagnet is another great product offering some advanced features for higher impact. It is best for the hosting providers with very limited technical knowledge of coding and customizing. The theme can fit in any screen size and device. It has many powerful features to add to the visual appeal, user-experience and the functionality.

The theme is perfectly compatible with multiple browsers and is available with some simple steps for customization. The theme has various visual features and effects like elegant menus, hosting icons, hover effects etc. It comes loaded with SSL pages, Contact form, domain search integration and google web fonts.

WOW Responsive WordPress theme


This cross browser compatible theme integrates perfectly with WHMCS order form. This responsive theme use various features to enhance visitor interaction and provide an engaging experience.

In Built blog makes it easy for you to share your relevant posts with the visitors while social icons help your visitors to share the page with their social contacts. Company Profile page helps you to present your company’s introduction in an effective format.

The theme has loads of other features too like Mega menu, home page slider, testimonials page, and much more.

SuperHost WordPress Theme


SuperHost theme is ideal for the beginners as it requires minimum efforts to customize the theme using some very simple steps. This extremely light one page theme is easy to manage and it offers instant delivery without any waiting time. It is fully loaded with the elements for offering the best impact like illustrative images, hover effects and elegant menus.

The responsive theme helps you to reach effectively to a large group of people by offering perfect and uniform view across all screen sizes. One of the main aim of any website is to communicate with the clients and continue the communication series. For that purpose the theme has many features like contact form, social sharing icons, etc.

DomainChillyV2 Responsive WordPress Theme

Domain Chilly V2

DomainChilly V2 is perfectly ideal for those who want to make their distinct online identity using a perfect theme for precise impact. The one word that describes this theme is “Elegance”.

This theme comes with a matured look and has perfect navigation to take your visitor to the smooth ride through the website. Elegant menus catch the viewer’s attention while various icons act as the”visual keywords”. The theme has various features like contact form, content rich pages, WHMCS order templates and more.

Imagine Hosting WordPress Theme


This theme is perfectly ideal for those who want an advance theme to stand out in the online arena. The theme perfectly combines visual appeal with professional approach. Its graphical appeal is enhanced by eye-catching icons, attractive hover effects, and social icons. There are various elements to make it professionally viable like contact form, WHMCS order form templates, VPS slider and domain search integration.

With number of touchscreen users touching billions and expected to grow at a rapid speed, one need to have a site that allows several functions for touchscreen users. Keeping this in mind the theme has touch enabled home page slider. Extended documentation offers great ease of use.

NovelHost WordPress Theme


Having an industry- specific theme is very important to stand out and carve a niche in the online competition. NovelHost is one such theme that is exclusively developed and designed for VPS and resellers. It comprises of specific functions to suit the industry trends.

The theme can load at a uniform speed across various devices and perfectly fits across all screen sizes. Contact form and domain search integration offer greater functionality. The best site is the one that uses the combined power of visual appeal and greater functionality. Hence, for the visual appeal the theme uses various visual effects like hover effects, icons and tool tips. To attract the touch device users the theme also has touch enable homepage slider.

CloudChilly WordPress Theme

Cloud Chilly
As the name clearly suggests the CloudChilly is a perfect theme for cloud providers with various features that cater to their specific needs. The theme offers the great design combined with various elements inviting user interaction.

Its 2 column layout makes a great platform for corporate page while contact form helps you to get the user data. Homepage slider is a great asset that makes it much more convenient for touchscreen users to browse through the website. The smart SEO optimized theme is great for securing those extra marks in page ranking. Content rich pages gives the flexibility to include the content by negligible efforts.

DomainChilly WordPress Theme


This is an ultimate theme for domain industry. It has several powerful tools completely focused at domain sellers. Domain price sliders make it much easier for the visitors to see the various pricing plans while Multi-plan slider enables VPS visitors to view the various plans available with a seller.

Whois search integration further enhances user experience and assures him of the professional structure of the website. Customization is as easy as 1, 2, 3…..! It has one of the simplest customization process.

Other features include contact form, email hosting plans, and ready to use SSL page. The latest news slider connects the visitor with current happening in your organization.

HostChilly V2 WordPress Theme

HostChilly V2

If you are looking for a perfect theme with appropriate features and elements, interaction tools, and a complete professional design then this theme is a perfect fit for you. The theme was developed especially for hosting providers and its design and functionality very well caters to the hosting providers’ needs.

Some of the features of this theme are-Whois search integration, domain search box to check the availability and statistics of a domain, domain price slider to check the domain prices and email hosting plans.

Various icons including social icons, secure payment icons and hosting icons not only enhances the visual appeal but also assures visitors of the payment security.

CloudChilly V2WordPress Theme

CloudChilly V2


Developed specifically for the needs of cloud providers with limited knowledge about technical nitty-gritty, this theme provides maximum flexibility to customize.

TheSEO optimized theme provides many other features that strive to offer a wholesome experience to the visitor. It is a one- stop destination for checking the availability, pricing, plans, and leaving queries.

The theme comes with great support and extensive documentation and offers ease of navigation   through the website. It is ideal for those who want  maximum features for greater conversions.

DedicatedChilly WordPress Theme


While choosing an ideal web hosting theme, there are two extremes one must avoid: being too flashy or being too simple to be noticed.

DedicatedChilly is a theme that perfectly offers you best of both the worlds without overshadowing either of them. The professional approach is maintained by offering extended functionality like lead collection functionality, server categorization, WHMCS form templates, contact forms and many more.

The visual approach is enhanced by using various design elements like free hosting icons, social icons, enhanced color scheme and strategic positioning of well-designed icons to attract visitors’ attention. The content- rich theme can easily be customized using some easy steps.