Top 5 WHMCS Addons You Need to Use if You Are A Hosting Provider

WHMCS is the automated web hosting platform which helps in billing, inventory management, domain and hosting management and support.

Being a web host if you are using WHMCS platform for your business needs, you also need a functionality to handle customer relationships, referrals, partners, easy management of dedicated servers etc. to make your business hassle free.

ThemeChilly has developed some useful addons which can help you to manage your business and enhance the functionality of WHMCS platform.

Here is the list of Top 5 WHMCS addons-

1. WHMCS CRM Addon

The concept of managing customer relationships has existed since the concept of buying and selling came into being. Then, everything had to be managed manually but today we have helpful tools to manage CRM. If you as a webhost use WHMCS, you can go for dedicated CRM Addon with Account Manager Addon to manage CRM from directly within WHMCS panel.

Being a web host, customer relationship is the building stone of your business as lead generation and conversions are two key components of a successful business.

• The CRM addon with account manager addon helps you to manage incoming leads and other sales opportunities through tickets and capture leads right from the website.

• Automates repetitive tasks after you install this CRM addon on your website.

• With this WHMCS CRM addon on your side, you can track successful conversions, sales, potentials and potential income with the help of tools.

• You can send automated mails to your clients and account managers and set customizable email templates as well.

Also, you can assign personal account manager to your clients to look after their needs attentively by using Account Manager Addon.

2. WHMCS VTiger Bridge Addon

This addon is the integration component between WHMCS and VTiger-the CRM software. It is developed to integrate the features of WHMCS and VTiger so that you can create leads automatically and manage all CRM activities from within WHMCS dashboard.

• It establishes a bridge between administration and end users by syncing the WHMCS clients and VTiger organizations.

• You can choose any language of work with which you are comfortable with.

• Have an overview of most relevant and important top 5 leads on the summary page.

• This addon helps you to present the data in an easy to use format and facilitate the organizational activities.

3. WHMCS SoftLayer Addon

ThemeChilly’s WHMCS SoftLayer addon facilitates easy management and provisioning of dedicated servers right from a web host’s WHMCS panel.

The biggest benefit of this SoftLayer WHMCS addon is that it allows you to view and manage servers from the admin area.

With this WHMCS SoftLayer module, your clients can view server related details and perform various server related activities –

• You can determine access rights for your clients, allowing them to perform certain server related activities from their respective member panel- suspension, unsuspension, reboot, viewing of bandwidth usage and IP addresses.

• Enables auto-suspension of dedicated servers, if payment gets due.

• User activity logs help you in keeping proper track of any alterations made in SoftLayer server manager addon by any admin.

4. WHMCS Refer-A-Friend Addon

Do you aim at building revenue? Answer is obvious. Yes! 🙂

Being a web host you need to build a large customer base to sell your products and referrals are the key components to build customer base and generate leads.

Refer a friend WHMCS addon can help you in building and managing a large database of customers which you can use to sell your products and boost sale. With this WHMCS addon, you can:

• Administer and manage referral data and activities using WHMCS panel.

• You’re free to select any product group to include in referral process.

• Determine and set awards in the form of commissions and discounts for the referrals and referees.

• Monitor and keep track of referee performances.

• Set calculation method, calculation structure for commissions and discounts and also modify the amount or percentage set (as and when required) payable to referrals.

5. WHMCS Partner Management Addon

For a web host, partners hold an important space as they help him to foster his business by taking it ahead among masses.
So here is an addon which can help you- a web host, to manage your partners better by using your WHMCS panel. Here’s how partner Management in WHMCS is done with this addon:

• Set incremental discount slab for your partners.

• Set discount calculation structure fixed amount or percentage.

• Customize the discount slabs as per the product groups and services.

• Monitor all partner- related activities through partner management activity logs.

Thus, this partner addon in WHMCS helps you to provide discounts to your partners, convert your customers into your trusted partners, and reduce your efforts and savings rather than investing and managing different software.

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