Basic Difference between WordPress themes and HTML templates

If you are a new to the online world, then it is quite natural to get confused with a number of options available for building your blog or website, especially the techy sounding options like- WordPress Theme and HTML5 Template.

Basically, WordPress is an open source Content Management System, means anybody can do the modifications in this platform easily using various free plugins and widgets. These plugins and widgets are easily available and are easy to use.

HTML is closed source. That means only a programmer can do necessary changes in the code. But this limitation has been diminished by the ready-made HTML templates.

In this post, I’ll discuss the basic difference between these two options so that you can compare them and choose the one which suits your website needs.

Difference between WordPress themes and HTML templates

WordPress themes are especially used to create blogs. With this option, you just need to make some modifications in the ready-made WordPress theme according to your need. These themes are the best option to opt when you want to create a website quickly without having the knowledge of HTML.

HTML5 templates are the ready-made sites developed in HTML code. These templates are easiest way to use HTML if you are not a techie person and don’t know how to deal with it. You just need to tweak the site content using the ‘text editor’ like Dreamweaver.

Note: HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which permits you to edit the information on web page and HTML5 is the latest HTML specification.

Which one of the two provides ready SEO Optimization?

WordPress themes are already SEO-friendly, so the websites running on WordPress platform get sufficient search exposure.

HTML5 template is itself not SEO-optimized, so in order to make your website SEO- optimized, you have to pay attention to usage of page name, tags and page construction carefully.

Which one supports multimedia- WordPress theme/HTML template?

There is a list of WordPress Multimedia themes available in the market. These themes support the audio and video content in your site.

HTML has no dependency on 3rd party applications like adobe flash so HTML5 templates give native support to audio and video content. It builds a better bridge between various operating systems and you or your site visitors will never face errors like, ‘unsupported format’, ‘unsupported player’. But the only thing here is that you have to add the multimedia files manually.

I need to update my site frequently. Should I use WordPress theme or HTML template?

WordPress themes are best suited to make frequent updates in a website. So if you need to add or edit the content in your website constantly then you should choose a WordPress theme to build your website.

And if you need to update your website once in a while then HTML5 template is a good option for you.

Which is responsive- WordPress theme or HTML template?

The responsive way to create a website is WordPress theme. These themes can be fitted to any screen resolution and give a great experience to its users.

Most of the HTML5 templates have responsive layout, but not all. Before buying it, you need to check its features first.


WordPress themes are more structured, whereas HTML5 templates have more flexibility. You can opt for any of these two to build your website. Your selection completely depends on your choice.

If there’s anything more you want to know about them, then use the comment section below:)