8 Useful WHMCS Addons

WHMCS addons are powerful tools that helps you to extend the functionality of your WHMCS software and aid you in effective monitoring and managing of the data. Some of the best WHMCS addons are:



CRM Addon

CRM Addon with Account Manager Addon

CRM Addon with Account Manager Addon helps you to effectively manage your incoming leads in WHMCS without installing any CRM software. Capture leads directly from the website & automate repeated tasks. Keep a bird’s eye view on your sales team by analyzing lead to potential conversion & sales dashboard. So, it is one of the most recommended among whmcs addons that aide in CRM activities.

Some of its salient features are:

  1. Lead Management: Convert or add leads from your website
  2. Role Management and Monitoring: You can set or limit rights to administrators according to their job roles and get complete details of activities performed on CRM addon to avoid any misuse or negligence, inefficiency etc. that can affect the client’s experience.
  3. Measure Performance: You can also check the successful conversion and track the sales and potential income by using the tools on sales dashboard.
  4. Reports: It also enables you to create the various reports for analytical and evaluation purpose.
  5. Automation: You can automate various clerical tasks in order to increase the productive time. By using this feature you can set customizable email and quotation templates and automatically convert leads into clients without any hassles of manual tasks.
  6. Customization: You can also add custom fields according to your specific needs in order to personalize the interface to suit your organizational needs.



WHMCS VTiger Bridge

WHMCS VTiger Bridge

This addon integrates the features of WHMCS and VTiger to offer much better performance with extended functionality. Because of its versatile features it clearly ranks high among a multitude of WHMCS addons supporting CRM integration.

WHMCS VTiger addon syncs:

  1. Administration: WHMCS administration into VTiger users,
  2. Clients: WHMCS Clients into VTiger Organizations
  3. Contacts: WHMCS contacts with VTiger contacts
  4. Products: WHMCS Products with VTiger products
  5. Tickets into Leads: Converts WHMCS Tickets into VTiger leads.
  6. Automatic Lead Creation: By using your website data
  7. Multi- Language Compatibility: To suit your comprehension needs
  8. Top 5 leads/opportunities: To facilitate easy viewing of most relevant leads.




SoftLayer AddOn

Using WHMCS SoftLayer Addon you can efficiently manage dedicated servers purchased through SoftLayer using WHMCS. Below are the salient features of SoftLayer Addon:

  1. Set Access Rights: You can set and limit the access rights for the clients to perform various activities from their member panel like suspend, unsuspended, view bandwidth, view IP address, etc.
  2. Automatic Suspension: You can set the criteria for automatic suspension of accounts in case of payment overdue.
  3. Tracking: Using user activity logs you can effectively track the changes made by any admin. There are multiple tracking criteria like date range, user, service or admin ID, etc.
  4. Access Settings: Using this feature you can set permissions for different administrative roles as required.



Partner Management

Partner Management AddOn

Using Partner Management Addon you can effectively manage your partners, allocate discounts and evaluate their performance. Some salient features of this Addon is:

  1. Discount Control: Set incremental discount slabs for different product group.
  2. Calculation Structure: Allot discounts as fixed amount or percentage.
  3. Customization: Customize your discount models as per your needs.
  4. Activity Logs: Get complete log of partner management activity.



Revenue Management

Revenue Management Addon

This powerful addon enables smart prediction of future revenue based on current orders, renewals for due, recurring services etc. There are multiple criteria on which the revenue is forecasted:


  1. Services amount range: Predict revenue based upon the range of prices of the services due for renewal.
  2. Product group: Perform renewal revenue forecasting of a particular product/service by selecting it from the established product groups.
  3. Status: Select the status of the service- whether active, pending, suspended or canceled and view the revenue that will be generated from them.
  4. Billing cycle: Set the billing cycle of the products- monthly, quarterly, annually etc. and view the revenue generated from products within that particular billing cycle.
  5. Follow up stage: Involving follow-up creation date and follow-up date: Obtain information for quick follow-up by setting the filter to view various follow-ups that have been done for a particular product/service. You can also quickly set up another follow-up directly from here.



Manual Delivery

Manual Delivery Addon

Whenever a client places an order, there are several processes which manually need to be completed for a particular order to finally get placed. These processes involve different departments like sales, marketing, product development, Accounting etc. Manual Delivery Addon helps you to efficiently monitor, manage and evaluate the entire process flow and identify the blocks. Some of the salient features of this WHMCS addon are:

  1. Tracking: Easily track the current stage of a recurring product/service.
  2. Assign Roles: Automatic assignment of jobs/tasks on fixing of the process flow.
  3. Analytics: Easily fetch complete statistics of a product/service



Advanced Ticket

Advanced Ticket Escalation

Arguably, there are only a few WHMCS addons that can match the versatility and extended functionality provided by Advanced Ticket Escalation Addon. It is an effective addon allowing you to set the rules for managing the ticket support. With this addon, you can assign an admin for managing tickets.

Some salient features of this WHMCS addon are:

  1. Decreases the response time: By dividing work among multiple team members and departments.
  2. Offer better services: A close monitoring boosts the overall team performance.
  3. Increases the customer’s satisfaction: By providing the quality service in reasonable period of time.
  4. More flexibility: You can assign and change roles according to the outcome or stages of process flow.
  5. More Options: More options are available to you for monitoring, evaluating and managing the manual delivery.




Refer-A-Friend AddOn

Refer-A-Friend Add-on helps in effective monitoring, managing and evaluating the referral activities and in taking  necessary actions. Using this addon you can

  1. Complete monetization process control: Set referral discount, referrer’s commission, and calculation structure. Here are the salient features of Refer- A Friend addon:
  2. Multiple options for calculation: Multiple calculation methods for calculating discounts or commission
  3. Monitoring: Using effective tools you can effectively track referrers’ Performance
  4. Automated calculations: This addon also offers various tools for automatic calculation of the revenue and the number of clients
  5. Analytical Process: Check periodic data based on different parameters