6 best WordPress plugins that your WordPress Website and Blog need

wordpress-plugins bestThe most flexible and commonly used way to create a blog or website is WordPress, so much so that today, every 1 website out of 4 is created using WordPress. It is now the most easy and comprehensive tool to take your business online. But apart from having a basic business website, you need to consider certain functionalities like security, SEO ranking, loading time, backup etc. to have a wholesome online presence.

Here WordPress plugins come into picture. Plugins are nothing but software that can be added to your WordPress installation to make it stronger or to increase its functionality. With the help of installation of free and simple plugins, you can manage your website/blog more effectively. There are more than 35,000 plugins available to install on WordPress site.

Here are 6 best wordpress plugins that you have to have for having that dream website of yours:

1) Spam and Security plugins:

The major problem which all WordPress users face on daily basis is spamming. Even if your website doesn’t have much traffic, then also you have to tackle spammers and hackers. To counter them, there are many security plugins available on WordPress.

You can easily download them free of cost from the website wordpress.org. For example:

  • Akismet: It is the best WordPress plugin which filters junk comments and makes your website secure from the spams.
  • All In One WordPress security and Firewall: It is a simple and very useful blog security plugin which can strengthen the website. It scans all the files and database of your website and works on the vulnerabilities accordingly.

2) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugins:

The secret behind running a popular and successful website is having SEO friendly content. Every website owner wants to increase the rank of his/her website in Google ranking. There are some amazing SEO plugins available in WordPress which can give your website the audience you want. Most widely used SEO plugins include:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast: It is a highly downloaded SEO plugin along with comprehensive features. It improves the g-mail ranking of your website.
  • All In One SEO Pack: It improves the website search engine ranking with the google analytics, XML sitemap and many more functionalities.

 3) Performance & Back-up plugins:

Of course, your website is amazing but what if it went slow when being hit with lots of traffic. You will lose your website visitors. You can get out of this by using any of the caching plugins mentioned below on your website. These plugins will improve the speed of your website and the performance of the server as well. These useful plugins are listed next:

  • W3 Total Cache: It is totally free and commonly used plugin which improves your website performance exactly 10 times more as it reduces the page download time.
  • WP Super Cache: It generates the static HTML file which is very helpful to speed-up your website.

4) Social networking plugins:

If you run a blogging website and want to share your articles at different social networking sites then the social networking plugins will surely help you a lot. They make social sharing buttons appear on side of your article.

Using these buttons, viewers can easily share your articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest or any other social networking website. These are really helpful to promote your website/blog. Some social networking related plugins are given below:

  • Digg Digg: Most of the bloggers use this sharing plugin at their blog. It is a floating bar which is used to share your article on various social sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +1, Reddit etc.
  • Shareaholic: If you want your blog to be noticed-out then this is a nice option for your blog. It is a platform which provides the whole insights of your blog like social sharing analytics, promoted content, site monetization etc.

5) Website Statistics related plugins:

For your WordPress website, you need to know all the statistics/information of the traffic your website. There are some easy and user-friendly plugins which make managing a blogging website quite simple. Few are:

  • Google Analytics: It tracks all the information regarding your blog like no. of page views, views per writer and category etc.
  • All In One WordPress Security & Firewall: It checks all the vulnerabilities and secure your site with the help of latest security practices and techniques recommended by WordPress.

6) E-commerce plugins:

If you are launching your own e-commerce business, then you should use an e-commerce plugin that’s especially designed for business websites. It will help you to sell your services easily at the internet. There are a number of e-commerce plugins available. Out of these, two best options are given here:

  • WooCommerce: Most of the business websites use this plugin. It offers premium eCommerce themes with smart dashboard widgets and reports.
  • WP eStore: It is similar to WooCommerce and it provides appropriate security and makes managing, buying or selling an easy and simple task.

In this post, I have listed only a few valuable plugins for your website. If you would like to know more about plug-ins, please use the comment section below 🙂