6 Benefits of Private Cloud

Many organizations, due to their specific operations requiring high level of security concerns cannot afford to use public cloud or private cloud as it can compromise with the data security. Such organization include financial houses, banks, very large organizations, government departments, confidential services and large broadcasting houses. However any other entity that does not fall into these categories but require high security can also opt for private cloud. The resources can be shared in the same way as in other models of cloud but the difference is that there is a dedicated pool of resources that is exclusively accessible only to the client. It simply means that even if any resource is not being used by the client, it will not be allocated to any other user. The client can use it whenever need arises. It ensures that the client’s data or platforms are not shared by any other person or organization.

Though private cloud is comparably more expensive, it has many benefits that justifies extra price.

Here are the 6 benefits of private Cloud:


The organizations that store the private and sensitive data like PAN card number, Credit Card Numbers, Login Credentials and other key information need very high levels of data security. But at the same time such organizations need a very fast speed and scalable technical capabilities to ensure smooth operations. Private cloud is the most ideal option for such organizations. It not only provide the complete security by fencing the sensitive data but also provides the required scalability to maintain smooth operations.

Greater Control

Private cloud also provide more flexibility to manage the resources according to the current organizational needs. It helps the organization to achieve tailored network solution by configuring it as per the local requirements.


Private cloud offers a greater flexibility of transferring or spreading he load during the spikes in usage or while experiencing heavy traffic moments. This is particularly beneficial while deploying new applications or introduce any new software.

Virtual excellence

By switching to private cloud, the organization does not need to worry about hardware issues like availability of servers, configuring hardware specifications to suit the software requirements and other hassles related to the reconciliation of hardware and software. The whole affair will be largely virtualized making the things even easier.

High security at lesser rates

Private cloud hosting provides the same security as provided by a dedicated server. But as compared to the dedicated sever it requires much less investment, as it is largely virtualized and no hassles of setting up the hardware.

Cloud Bursting

Though there is a large amount of dedicated resource pool available to private cloud clients, there might be some unexceptional spikes that requires very high amount of resources. For such conditions, private cloud has “cloud bursting” that simply means that the client can choose to transfer non sensitive data to public cloud to empty required space for smooth operations.