5 Benefits of IaaS

IaaS or Infrastructure as a cloud is a model where the required infrastructure (or resources) for cloud computing are rented instead of purchasing. The server, hard disc, RAM, operating platforms and other resources belong to the third party that is rented to the clients who is charged according to the usage. The third party is responsible for maintenance and managing of the resources. It is ideal for clients who want to enjoy benefits of cloud computing without paying hefty amounts or going through hassles of deployment or maintenance.

There are many benefits of IaaS. Some are mentioned below:


IaaS can provide you the entire spectrum of cloud benefits without requiring any expensive charges or hassles. One of the most apparent saving would be in the form of Infrastructure as you would not require to purchase any hardware: servers, hard disk etc. The PAYG model will also save a huge amount on the fixed recurring charges irrespective of the usage. Besides there are no restrictions or commitments to sign, simply meaning that you continue only if you like.

 No Diversions

Another benefit of IaaS is that it allows you to completely focus on your core areas. You won’t have to focus on maintaining and managing the cloud, look after troubleshooting issues and holding regular meetings with the dedicated in-house staff for maintaining cloud. You can devote your 100% time, efforts and resources to your core business activities that generate revenue while all your cloud related issues and hassles are perfectly handled by the specialized third party professionals.

Expert Support

Staff of IaaS provider are highly professional and passed through a rigorous selection process. They also have a vast experience of resolving diverse troubleshooting issues. It perfectly equips them to provide you the prompt services in case of troubleshooting. Most of IaaS provider organizations are supported by quality checkers and the staff activities are closely monitored. So we cannot expect a negligence or mediocre performance.

 Global services

One can access the IaaS services from any part of the world provided he has the access to the internet. It is particularly useful for the companies with multi-branch teams working on same project as they can easily work collaboratively on a single platform. Because of the same reasons it is also beneficial for the business team that is required to work together but are on the constant move. Using IaaS they can work on the single virtual platform on their projects.

 Flexibility and Scalability

The IaaS is flexible enough to utilize the cloud for ensuring smooth speed during those peak hours too. Along with saving a good amount on the hefty servers that you might not need too frequently, it also ensures the reliable backup service should you need more server space.