5 Benefits of Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Hosting is the services provided via multiple servers that are interconnected and this loose network of multiple servers is known as cloud. In cloud hosting the resources of multiple servers are used as and when required depending upon the need. By transferring large amount of computing powers to internet or virtual servers. Effectively sharing the resources, the connected servers can act as a supercomputer thus boosting the website performance and speed. By using Cloud Hosting a user can avail instantaneous resource allocation and either downscale or upscale to cope up with the traffic and speed.
This decade seems to be dedicated to Cloud. Initially it all seemed as a passing fad but as the time passed on the Cloud kept on improving and today it proudly shares a large chunk of hosting market. Yes, it too has certain issues and one of the major issues is security. Shared cloud is cheaper but compromises heavily with the data security. For enhanced security private cloud is the perfect choice but its exorbitant price intimidates SMEs. There is a golden mean, though, “Hybrid Hosting”. Hybrid Hosting offers the higher level of security at affordable prices. That is why more and more companies, especially SMEs are fast adopting Hybrid Cloud. But security is just one benefit of Hybrid Cloud.
Let us check 5 benefits of hybrid cloud:


Encouraging Research and Development

IT firms rely heavily on research and development, and behind each innovated product and enhanced line of services there is a long trail of failed experiments, a fat chunk of time and the high cost of technologies used in the process. But with hybrid cloud you can get the benefit of PAYG so you will only pay for limited portion of services/technologies that you use making it extremely useful for your temporary projects



Agility is one of the major characteristics of Information technology. Reduced agility poses a major risk. With the cloud hosting, using all its benefits: speed, security, flexibility and enhanced end user reach, you can always be assured that your organization will never lose on agility.


Interruption-Free Services

One of the major problem that can have a very negative impact on overall service is Interruption. With the connection being overloaded with video streaming, audio songs and other personal uses, your cloud speed and performance can suffer heavily. But with hybrid cloud hosting the problem is almost solved. A direct connect private network hybrid cloud can help you to balance the load to optimize maximum performance especially during overloading. It also helps you to reach the end in an eye blink’s speed by identifying and using the location that is nearest to end user’s location thus eliminating the geographical impacts.




With an array of choices, flexibility is certainly one of the benefits of Hybrid Cloud. It empowers you to deliver the IT services in the most effective way using the best features of different clouds (public, private etc.) and thus saving you from “all eggs in the same basket” position. As opposed to conventional model, hybrid cloud will effectively decrease the level of risk by equipping you with best features of multiple clouds.



And Of course, optimized Safety

With Public cloud the safety of your data depends entirely upon the eyes of those who wants to steal it. The option of Private Cloud is too expensive to be afforded by SMEs. The hybrid clouds chips in perfectly here. With hybrid cloud, the companies can decide to put the sensitive data on a dedicated infrastructure thus ensuring the security of sensitive data. Though it can’t provide 100% security, Hybris Cloud can certainly give you an option to safeguard the sensitive data of your company.

So, looking at all of the above benefits of hybrid Cloud it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the perfect choice for Cloud fans who are interested in privacy and at the same time concerned about their budget.