Ideal Fonts For Your Website

Last night, I went to my first office party wearing casuals, where I found everyone dressed up to the occasion. I felt quite out of place and went home as soon as I could. It was nothing short of a nightmare. Then and there I realized the importance of dressing up according to the occasion.

Similarly, in order to have your website look good, you just can’t have any font in its designing. You need to choose the ideal font that goes perfectly with the theme you have in your mind for your website.

Out of thousands of fonts available in the market, choosing the right font for your website is a critical decision. The success of your website not only depends on the color and theme of your website, it also depends upon the way your content is being displayed and thus font style plays a crucial role in its success. So today we will tell you the ideal fonts for your website to give it a cutting edge.

How to choose the best font for your website?

Firstly, you have to find out the motive of your website. What kind of website you are going to create. Accordingly, you should choose a font style.

For news, project, badges, posters, logos related websites, the following fonts are suited best:

1) Blenda:

Blenda Script is a free experimental font inspired by lobster font, bold vintage script.


2) Novito Nova:

Use this creative Novito Nova font for your website if you want to give a feeling that you have written everything with your own hands.


3) V.GER Grotesque:

It is one of the famous san serifs fonts which is best for projects of schools/colleges.


For personal & commercial purpose, following fonts are absolutely perfect:

1) F37 Bella-Face37:

This all-time favorite font is exclusively sold-out in last couple of years.

F37 Bella – Face37

2) Hagin:

Hagin is a serif free font from Fontfabric constructed with strong geometric forms in “old school” style.


3) Madras:

This sans-serif type family font gives your website a serious look. Hence, it is a nice option for professional websites.


For popular brands, fashion related websites and blogs, the fonts that can be used, include:

1) Core Deco:

Core Deco is an Art Deco Fonts Family which consists of various styles, inspired by some art deco posters from late 1930’s to 1950’s.


2) Glamor:

This stylish font is from a modern free type family including a set of 24 fonts with more than 200 unique characters per font.


3) Manifesto:

This is an elegant and sophisticated font style which is best suited for stylish brands.


4) Alex Brush:

It’s a beautiful and italic brush script which is best suited for lifestyle websites and it is also very popular among bloggers.

alex brush


If you need to know more about font styles, then leave your queries in the comment section below.