Can I remove the footer credit links?

What does WordPress theme bundle comprise?

The WordPress theme bundle contains the following:

1. Documentation Folder

  • 1. Installation video documentation
  • 2. Installation text documentation
  • 3. WHMCS integration documentation
  • 4. Theme customization documentation

2. Icons Folder - This folder contains icons which you can use for designing your website as per your needs.

3. PSD & Fonts Folder - This folder contains PSD files of the WordPress theme home page and the fonts if used in the theme.

4. WHMCS Order Form Templates Folder - This folder contains theme files of WHMCS order form templates.

5. WordPress Theme Folder - This folder contains demo content and .xml file of the WordPress theme. It also contains sample header images if used in the theme.

6. GPL.txt file

7. Notes for users.docx file

8. README_License.txt file

What is WHMCS order form template?

WHMCS order form templates define the look and feel of the shopping cart process. You can use a WHMCS order form template for customization of the shopping cart process on your website.

How to integrate WHMCS order form templates?

For integrating or linking your WordPress theme with WHMCS, follow the following process.

Suppose the WHMCS order form template's folder name is "Wow".

  • 1. Open FTP and go to templates folder in your WHMCS root directory.
  • 2. Upload "Wow" folder here.
  • 3. Now go to WHMCS Administrator Panel and click on Setup > General Settings.
  • 4. Change "Template" value to "Wow".
  • 5. Open templates/wow/header.tpl file.
  • 6. Find and replace "http://your-wordpress-url" with your WordPress website's URL.
  • 7. Open templates/wow/footer.tpl file
  • 8. Find and replace "http://your-wordpress-url" with your WordPress URL

That's it.

What are the payment options?

To buy WordPress theme from ThemeChilly, you can choose to make the payment through multiple payment options available like PayPal, bank account, debit or credit card.

To make your payment by bank transfer, credit or debit card, you can send/transfer the payment amount to any of our bank accounts.

You can get our bank account details from the following link.


You can also send payment to our PayPal ID "paytech@znetlive.com".